Information for international students

Information for international students

The following information is aimed particularly at international students:

While you are at Cardiff University

Want to make the most of your time at Cardiff University? It’s never too early to start considering your career, exploring your options to gain work experience during your studies and preparing your plans following graduation. Use the following resources in the intranet:

UK work during your studies

Normally, as international students you can work up to 20 hours a week during term-time and full-time during vacations with the exception of summer vacations for postgraduate students. You can work full-time on a work placement but only if your course meets certain requirements – UKCISA  has further details. Gaining UK work experience during your studies might help to make you stand out from the thousands of other international students in the UK. Register with the Students’ Union Jobshop as soon as you enrol at Cardiff to be notified of part-time job vacancies.Any UK work experience has its value as it will give you exposure to different groups of people and different uses of English. Even if you decide to return home after your studies, many employers will want to see that you have gained something in addition to UK study experience.

Work experience and employability

As an International student work experience can be a very valuable way of helping you develop the skills necessary to be successful when you graduate so please use the information in the work experience and employability skills sections

International Qualifications

Major UK employers will often have their own mechanisms in place to verify the international qualifications you have gained. They may address this question in the FAQ section of their recruitment website. However, not all employers will understand how your qualifications compare to UK ones - UK NARIC provides information, advice and expert opinion on qualifications worldwide.

UK work after your studies

Once you have completed your studies and still have leave to remain as a student in the UK before returning home you are allowed to work full-time until your leave expires.Beyond this it may be possible to extend your time in the UK by applying for a relevant work visa. Check UKVI and UKCISA  for up-to-date rules on this.
A number of international-friendly job opportunities arise every year. Our jobs board can include UK jobs open to any suitably qualified applicant regardless of nationality and other vacancies which target specific groups of international students for work in overseas job markets. Some companies may have a business case for recruiting international students due to their international trade links. The British Chambers of Commerce and other related websites may provide contact details of such companies.Whether you are doing a part-time job, attending a graduate job interview or generally interacting with British people, it is worth being aware of the ‘unspoken’ rules governing communication, interpersonal relations and ways of working in the UK.

Working outside the UK

The majority of international graduates return to their home countries either to commence or continue their careers. Either way, this may be the best option in the short term even if you are considering an international career outside your native country.

You will need to find out about the job market for graduates in a particular country or region of the world which may be different to the job market in the UK. In particular, you will need to know about the general timescale for job applications, vacancy sources, the methods of applying for jobs, CV/job application/interview format. For further information on this, check out the following websites:

  • GoinGlobal – country specific information searchable by career field and career topic. This is a students-only subscription so please email us (using your Cardiff University email) at to get access (this will be moving into the intranet for easy access soon)
  • GradlinkUK – expert advice about the graduate job markets in Africa, ASEAN countries, Bangladesh, Canada, China and India
  • – country profiles - information about working and studying in over 50 countries.
  • – working abroad – information about working and living in 40 countries

It might help as well to identify any alumni networks in your native country as they sometimes run re-orientation seminars for returning internationals and organise events to network with relevant alumni. Alumni from your country might be a useful source of information and advice on how to market your international education and compete in an overseas job market. Our Alumni Office has contact details for different networks of Cardiff Alumni around the world and social media platforms can also be a way of developing alumni contacts e.g. via LinkedIn or special interest groups on Facebook.

Cardiff International Alumni

Where did they go?

Previous international students can be a very useful source of information on job hunting tips following your degree. Cardiff International Alumni enter a range of career fields which may involve employment or further study in the UK or elsewhere.

International career profiles

Take a look at the following career profiles to find out what some of our international alumni have been doing since graduating from Cardiff:

It might help to identify any alumni networks in your home country as they can be a very useful source of information and contacts. Cardiff University Alumni Relations has contact details for different networks of Cardiff Alumni around the world. Social and professional networking tools such as Facebook and LinkedIn can be good ways of tapping into global networks of alumni.

International Students