If you are planning to apply for opportunities with the bigger graduate employers you are likely to find that you won’t need a CV, you will be required to complete the employer’s own online application form instead – for more application form information see Advice A-Z – Application forms. For smaller employers however, a CV is still the main tool for applying for jobs and work placements.

A focused, well presented CV will grab the reader’s attention and make them want to find out more about you. A poor CV is likely to result in rejection which means that you won’t get the chance to impress face to face at an interview.  Remember that many graduate employers receive hundreds of CVs, so the time they spend reading them can be as little as 60 seconds – you need to impress and quickly!

VIDEO: Employers talking about CVs

This section will help you to:

  • decide what to include in your CV
  • present information in your CV in an effective way
  • understand the importance of tailoring your CV for each job and employer
  • produce different types of CV
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