Application forms

Many employers now use application forms rather than a CV as the first step in recruiting candidates for graduate jobs and internships.  Employers like using application forms because they can choose the questions to ask based on what is important to them.  Application forms therefore make it easier for employers to compare candidates.  Remember this also means they give you the chance to differentiate yourself and stand out from the competition.

Producing effective applications takes time – a great application form could take several days and requires thought, preparation and research.  For this reason you want to focus on ‘quality’ applications rather than a large ‘quantity’ of rushed applications.  This approach is much more likely to be successful in the competitive market for graduate jobs and internships.

This topic will help you to:

  • prepare thoroughly before filling out and submitting your form
  • recognise the different types of form and question
  • communicate your skills and experiences within your application
  • understand how employers assess application forms