Performance & Theatre Management

Performance & Theatre Management


The UK Music Industry is actually quite small and only employs around 111,000 people according to UK Music’s Measuring Music’ report (September 2014). Professional Musicians are not only composers, performers or teachers but could also include Technicians, Producers, Managers, Publishers, Librarians, Entrepreneurs or Therapists who are likely to work in a range of settings such as arts venues, record companies, recording studios, schools as well as a host of other organisations.Determination and dedication is needed as much as raw talent as music tends to be:

  • A slow burn career which takes time to gather momentum
  • A portfolio career juggling many different roles other than the conventional ones of composing and performing

Work experience

Whatever area of music you choose, there is no standard training programme and no fixed career path.  Experience and being known are sometimes better guarantees of employment. Relevant work experience helps you gain:

  • inside knowledge of careers and organisations
  • contacts within the industry
  • practical experience to enrich understanding of your studies
  • a range of skills in demand in the workplace

Local events

The Careers in Music programme, a series of talks given by those working in the industry, runs during the Spring Semester – for further information contact Dr Charles Wilson, School of Music.

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