Civil Service & Local Government

Civil Service & Local Government

Factors to consider when thinking about a career in the Civil Service and Local Government:

  • the Civil Service helps the UK’s national government of the day develop and deliver its policies as effectively as possible and is a significant employer comprising a wide range of departments and agencies.
  • the Civil Service incorporates three types of organisations – departments, agencies and non-departmental government bodies (NDPBs); working in a wide range of roles and areas that touch on everyone’s day-to-day lives, such as education, health and policing.
  • the main graduate entry into the Civil Service is through Fast Stream but you can also enter the civil service at other levels – there are roles for graduates from all degree disciplines.
  • local government officers are responsible for assisting in the development of council policies and procedures and ensure they are put into practice, making sure that local services are delivered effectively so it offers a diverse range of professional roles including housing, finance, human resources, education, planning, transport, tourism, libraries, leisure and recreation, regeneration, social work, health and IT across the entire UK.
  • opportunities in both exist for graduates within fast track strategy schemes – England & Wales has the National Graduate Development Programme (NGDP), standard entry operational roles and as post-experience specialists.

Each section below gives you links to information on specific career areas – work activities, related professional bodies, employers/job search and other relevant information.

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No single overarching professional body – look at those related to the profession you wish to follow within the Civil Service or local government

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